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Corporate Social Responsibility

Q & M Dental Group is committed to giving back to the society through various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

As part of our continuing CSR efforts, we took part in events to support local community programs. We sponsored Dental Kits, comprising sets of toothbrushes and toothpastes, for the following community events:

"BB Cares" event organized by the Boys Brigade Singapore – held on 21 July 2018. This community event benefitted hundreds of beneficiaries from nursing homes and others.

"Make a Wish 2018" community event organized by the People's Association – held on 16 December 2018 at Anchorvale Community Club in Sengkang. This charity event benefitted low-income families in the community.

In addition, Q & M Dental Group helps in the provision of awards and financial assistance to outstanding and needy students respectively.

The Group also provides continual support to the various activities organised by the dental students' society, for instance the annual Freshmen Orientation Programme.

Overseas Dental Mission Trips
The Group regularly supports mission trips and outreach programmes organised by various non-governmental and non-profit organisations to provide basic dental healthcare services to the villagers who live in remote places all over Asia.

Q & M Dental Group Scholarship
The Scholarship aims to help NUS Dentistry students pay their dental school fees and add to the Group's future talent pool. Depending on the grants received, the scholars will serve as dentists at Q & M Dental Group for a minimum duration of 2 years.

Q & M Dental Group Dental Students Funds
This donation will go towards supporting student life in Dentistry with the aim of fostering camaraderie among the student body, encouraging self-directed learning and personal development and inspiring the students to contribute back to the student body. These programmes include Freshmen Orientation Programme, Student Development, and Recognition of Students' Achievements and Contributions.

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